How to Find the Right Child Support Lawyer for Your Needs

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When families separate, settling disputes related to custody is a key step for parents who wish to move forward. Often, these issues will be resolved through negotiation or mediation. However, when that is not possible, a family court judge will make decisions that are in the best interests of the children involved. One of the most important topics that is decided in child custody cases is the amount and duration of child support payments. Having a Fort Worth (TX) child support attorney in your corner can help ensure that the best financial solutions are reached for both parties.

In Texas, as in other states, both parents are obligated to provide for their children’s financial needs, regardless of who has primary physical custody. To that end, the state has established clear guidelines that are used to determine child support payments. These guidelines are based on a percentage of the paying parent’s net income. The court may also take into account certain other variables, such as the parent’s other children from previous relationships or if the custodial parent is self-employed.

There is no guaranteed minimum level of child support in Texas, but the courts will typically order a payment that covers a basic need such as food, clothing, housing, and utilities. Expenses such as day care, extracurricular activities, and other educational expenses may be considered as well. In addition, if the parent paying support is unable to work due to illness or disability, the court may order a lower child support amount or require them to take additional steps to find employment.

While the laws set obligatory guidelines, a skilled family lawyer can review these with you and argue any deviations or exceptions that would benefit your situation. The Decker Law Firm can provide you with legal guidance, negotiate on your behalf, and represent you in court when necessary to help reach a fair and beneficial child support arrangement.

Depending on the circumstances, it is often advantageous for both parties to reach their own agreement on child support terms before a judge decides for them. In many cases, our team can assist you and your spouse in reaching a mutually agreeable settlement through a process of collaborative law or mediation. However, if the situation is not amenable to either of these options, we can fight aggressively on your behalf at a contested hearing in front of a family court judge.

When a judge makes a ruling on child support, that determination is usually final. It is only in very rare situations that the courts will alter the terms of an existing child support agreement. Our Fort Worth family law lawyers can help you pursue a modification if there is a significant change in the parents’ circumstances, such as job loss, a change in custody, or an international relocation. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with our dedicated child support attorneys in DFW. Our office is located in Fort Worth and serves clients throughout the greater metro area of D/FW.

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