The Impact of a Child Custody Attorney on Families

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Determining what will happen to their children during a divorce is one of the hardest issues for any relationship to resolve. You must be able to agree on custody of your child(ren), regardless of whether you are divorcing your partner or were never married and terminated your relationship gently. There are several considerations to address while setting up this configuration. What’s best for your kid is always the most crucial consideration. You need an experienced lawyer who will defend your rights and interests if you want to do this. An effective Pensacola, Florida, child custody lawyer may really make a big impact. If you are looking for an experienced Child Custody Attorney, visit for guidance and Free Consultation!

Florida is now adopting phrases like “parental responsibility” and “time sharing” in instead of the word “custody.” This implies that the issue is not so much about who should have primary custody of the kids as it is about the parents working out a time-sharing (visitation) arrangement that suits them. Families will benefit greatly from this shift as it gives both parents the chance to play an important part in their children’s lives going forward.

Judges often award shared parental responsibility to both parents, allowing them to collaborate in making choices about the welfare, education, and health of the child. Nonetheless, the court will grant one parent exclusive parental responsibility if it determines that having both parents participate in this decision-making process would be damaging to the child’s wellbeing. In a similar vein, a court will often arrange for visitation with the other parent while granting primary physical custody to one parent. These visits may be monitored, scheduled for the day or night, or even stopped altogether, depending on the circumstances.

A court will consider all relevant facts and circumstances, including the kid’s current living situation, before determining custody of a child. This will include the child’s present residence and neighborhood, their educational institution, and any other elements that might have an effect on their wellbeing. In addition, any history of domestic violence or drug misuse, the parents’ physical and mental health, and any other pertinent factors that can have an impact on the child’s safety and happiness will be taken into account.

It’s also crucial to remember that, in the past, a court would often need the other parent to sign a formal document known as a “visitation agreement” or “parenting plan” before awarding custody of the kid to one of the parents. Thankfully, this is no longer necessary thanks to Florida’s new legislation. It is still strongly advised, however, that both parties work with an experienced attorney to create and ratify this agreement.

Still unanswered is the fundamental question: What rights does an unmarried father have? Yes, is the response. In reality, after a protracted fight for men’s rights in Florida, the law now mandates that single parents go through the same processes as married parents in order to determine custody, visitation, and child support agreements.

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